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At BRLS, we are firmly grounded in our values with a single-minded focus on our mission. Towards this end, we constantly re-invent ourselves and aim to attain a leadership position in the marketplace.
The HR of BRLS is ever striving towards being the best HR practitioner in the health and beauty business, by nurturing and empowering human resources through training and development thus driving the People-Service-Profit concept.
BRLS is an ever growing family with 230 employees onboard with an anticipated increase of 450 employees by the end of the financial year 2011-12.
The HR department lays stress on equal opportunity for all and strives to get the best talent onboard.
The employee induction process is structured and streamlined where in the employees are inducted and made comfortable in the organization. The talent onboard is harnessed and developed through ongoing trainings, and motivated through various employee engagement activities.
Our employees are our most precious asset - keeping this in mind we have covered all the employees under the group mediclaim policy.